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3d & 4d Ultrasound scanning

What is 3d ultrasound?

A three-dimensional ultrasound is an image created by 
processing multiple 2-dimensional images in order to
 get depth to the picture. 

It uses simple, safe ultrasound
 waves, which are then processed by high powered
 computer technology. 

Then, the images are displayed
 on a large screen for you to appreciate.

What is 4d ultrasound?

         A wriggly baby at 12 weeks gestation

4d Ultrasound takes multiple 2-dimensional ultrasound 
images, creates a 3-dimensional image and then does
 this repeatedly so that, over time, you can see the
 movements of the fetus in three dimensions. 

The fourth
 dimension is time. 

So you can see live movements of your baby in-utero, like a video.

What are the benefits of 3d?

Three-dimensional imaging provides several important 
benefits over 2d imaging, but it does not replace 2d

Surface rendering with 3d provides beautiful 
images of the surface of the face, tummy or spine.

It can show up problems like a cleft lip, an abdominal
 hernia or a spina bifida with amazing clarity.

Therefore, the parents can recognise what the doctor 
is worried about. 

The surgeons also appreciate the 
better view and find it easier to advise the parents
 about the likely outcome for the baby.

Why do 2d first?

This 36 week bub was grabbing its toes!

While we are happy to do 3d and 4d scanning for you, 
we believe that it is also important that we find out if 
there are any problems with the baby first. 

Therefore, all
 of our sonographers are fully qualified in ultrasound, with
 special skills and training in obstetric ultrasound. 

always do a comprehensive assessment of the baby’s
 growth and well being at the same examination.

What are the benefits of 4d?

Four-dimensional imaging enables us to watch fetal 
behaviour, and see the movements or lack of movements 
at fetal joints. 

This will have benefits when trying
 to classify joint and skeletal problems like club foot. 

 course four-dimensional imaging also allows us to gaze
 at the baby’s face and see fetal swallowing, fetal 
breathing and different facial expressions.

Is it safe?

Yes. 3d and 4d ultrasound use sound waves, just like
 ordinary 2d ultrasound. 

Numerous studies over several
 decades, have shown that there is no detrimental
 effect on the baby from ultrasound.

                            so cute!

Will the baby feel it?

Not to our knowledge. Just as adults cannot feel ultrasound waves, or sound waves, it is unlikely that the baby can feel it.

Will I get to see the baby’s face?

We usually manage to get gorgeous baby photos.

However, the picture is affected a lot by the position of
 the baby. 

If it is head down and facing your spine, we
 only get to see its back. Sometimes it takes persistence 
and patience to see the baby when it is facing up.

 best time to get the baby in a good position is from
 about 24 weeks gestation to 34 weeks gestation. 

before the third trimester, most babies have little
 sub-cutaneous fat. They can look a little bony.

      A gorgeous sleepy baby at 30 weeks gestation