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Lesbian women before conception

These days, many  lesbian couples and lesbian singles choose to have children. We see many women in couple relationships where one or both decide to get pregnant. Some choose to do insemination of a known donor’s sperm at home or in a clinic. Some choose to use anonymous donor’s sperm in a clinic.

Some fertility doctors suggest that tubal patency testing via HyCoSy is done before insemination. This is to try to make sure that your tubes are able to convey the sperm to the egg, that there is no blockage to fertilisation. This is to try to avoid wasting the sperm as it can be a very precious resource. 

The GP or fertility specialist may also perform pre-pregnancy screening tests such as for rubella immunity. They may also do blood tests to work out when you are ovulating to optimise the chance of pregnancy.

Tubal patency testing (HyCoSy) for lesbian women

The HyCoSy procedure involves a speculum in the vagina, and a little catheter which is slipped up into the cervical canal. This can be uncomfortable for lesbian and straight women but we try to make it as easy as possible. You are welcome to bring a friend as a support person.

We keep you covered as much as possible. We keep the room warm, and keep the lights low. We explain what we are going to do before we do it. We warm the speculum and use plenty of lubricant. We do everything gently and warn you when you are likely to get the period-like pain. We point out the findings on the plasma screen so that you can understand the results and appreciate what we have achieved.

With this approach, most women do not find the procedure too harrowing. Most say that it was “better than they expected”. Those who have previously had the x-ray based HSG test say the ultrasound based HyCoSy is MUCH less painful. And those who have previously had the laparoscopy and dye say it was much quicker, and much better than having to have a general anaesthetic.

Useful books:

The infertility handbook. A guide to making babies by Jacqueline Tomlins

     Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 2003

The ultimate guide to pregnancy for lesbians by Rachel Pepper

     San Francisco: Cleis Press Inc, 1999

Pride and joy: a resource for prospective lesbian parents in Victoria.
     Produced by the Royal Women’s Hospital. Melbourne, 2003.
     Available from the Royal Women’s Hospital, Phone 03 9344 2000

Mommy, Mama, and Me by  Leslea Newman