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What to bring to your appointment

Referral Form

1.Your referral form or letter
Please bring the referral form or referral letter which was given to you by your referring doctor. The referral form provides us with valuable information which could help towards an accurate diagnosis. Also it will enable you to be eligible for a Medicare rebate. We accept all types of referrals including those written on other stationery. They are still valid for Medicare.

Medical Product

2.Any previous ultrasound examinations, x-rays, CT scans or MRIs.
If you have had any previous imaging examinations we recommend that you to bring the relevant reports and images along with you as this information is useful to us.

Medical Product

Medical Product

3.If you are allergic to any antiseptics or medical products, please bring the name of the product and tell the sonographer before your examination so that we can use alternative products.


What to wear to an appointment

Please wear comfortable clothes.

Preparation for your appointment

For trans-abdominal examinations it is useful to have a comfortably full bladder. You do not need to be overfull, so please empty your bladder if it is becoming uncomfortable.


For trans-vaginal examinations you will be more comfortable with an empty bladder. All our scanning rooms have en-suites so you can easily go to the toilet. No special preparation is necessary except removing a tampon if you are using one. Pessaries do not need to be removed. You certainly don’t need to wash or shave in any special way.


Please don’t feel embarrassed. All of the sonographers in the practice are female and we always keep you completely covered during the examination. If you need them, we have spare pads and tampons in the bathrooms for your convenience.


Woman on bed

If you have previously had a stressful experience at an ultrasound examination, please discuss it with your sonographer before the examination, or ask your doctor to ring one of the specialists at Ultrasound Care. We will then be able to address your concerns and make sure you have a better experience this time.