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Genetic Counsellors

Our genetic counsellors provide counselling to couples who are deciding which tests to have when they are planning a pregnancy, during pregnancy, and at the time of receiving results.

This includes the very popular cell free fetal DNA screening with Harmony, Genesyte, or Panorama.

Genetic counsellors also see people after nuchal translucency and serum screening, chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis.

Sometimes the ultrasound findings at the early structural scan, such as an absent or hypoplastic nasal bone, which can increase the risk of Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. Our genetic counsellors will explain the results and discuss with you all options relevant to the situation.

Dr Janan Karatas photo

Dr Janan Karatas

Genetic Counselor

Janan’s role involves the co-ordination of genetic testing at Ultrasound Care.  Janan has been looking after women and couples who have a family history of genetic disease and has been at the forefront of research and clinical practice for couples planning their families for over 15 years. Janan's research at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, was internationally the first of it's kind to explore the impact of using IVF and genetic testing of embryos, a technique called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.  Janan has extended her knowledge of assisted reproductive therapies to the care of women during pregnancy. 

Janan is also seeing couples at Ultrasound Care for pre-conception screening; this service allows couples to take a detailed family tree and assess any genetic risk to their own offspring. At these consultations Janan also discusses options for genetic screening couples can use to optimise their chances of a healthy baby.

Mia Liepins photo

Mia Liepins

Genetic Counselor

Mia is an experienced health practitioner, with various academic and professional achievements in the areas of genetics, research and medical imaging. With a warm and empathetic nature, Mia provides individualised support and information to assist with decision making.

Having completed the Master of Genetic Counselling qualification from the University of Sydney, Mia is a board eligible member of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia. She also has a keen interest in research and is part of the research team investigating the use of genetic information by Australian life insurance companies. Research findings have already been presented at several international conferences.

Prior to Mia’s role with Ultrasound Care, she worked for Westmead Hospital in a genetic counselling role in cancer genetics. In this role, she communicated complex genetic information to individuals and families, discussed risk management strategies, and provided supportive counselling.

Mia also has a background in medical imaging, where she applied technical skills to obtain diagnostic images while providing a high level of care to patients.